What is Vehicle Testing Services?

Vehicle Testing Services is a automated computerized inspection Technology conducted on your auto, to measure and fix un-predictive problems or future risks for you and your family safety and to your auto performance. The annual vehicle inspection includes checks for emissions, brakes, wheel alignment, electrics, lights and general bodywork.

Know more Why & What We Test our Vehicles?

Why Vehicle Testing Service Important in Dubai, UAE?

Motor vehicle licences in Dubai need to be renewed annually. When buying a new car or motorcycle, the formalities of initial registration are generally dealt with by the dealership. Thereafter, the car can be re-registered through selected insurance companies or by visiting a Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) customer service centre or approved vehicle testing services centers like PAL Auto Garage.

In Dubai, UAE New cars and motorcycles are exempt from the yearly vehicle inspection for the first 3 years. All vehicles over 3 years old must undergo an annual road worthiness test. Were Vehicle should be inspected and tested. if failed, you have to repair the vehicle mechanical faults, and then come again for the re-test. Which you have the timeline to repair the problem within 2 weeks or 4 weeks in order to process the renewal of Vehicle Registrations as per the standards and measures set by the respective Dubai Roads and Transport Authority.

What is the advantage and value over PAL Auto Garage Vehicle Testing Services Center?

PAL Auto Garage vehicle testing services is One stop solutions for all your Auto repairs. If your vehicle is identified with faults, our subject matter experts will provide you a detailed computerized diagnosis report with recommendations and if you insist we FIX the faults on spot in respective to the nature of issues. Hence you don’t need to look for another Auto shop for the same.

During your Vehicle Testing Services, you can enjoy the facility of our customer lounge with refreshments and FREE WIFI Internet Access.

How long will it take for Vehicle Testing Services?

We prioritize customers based on the early confirmed appointment through our online booking system, which you can leverage the time and waiting period. Ideally it takes 30-45 minutes for vehicle Testing Services.

Many drivers bring their vehicles to the inspection facilities themselves. Additional options include hiring a company to collect and return the car or arranging for a call out inspection with PAL Auto Garage Vehicle Testing Services Center.

For those attending in person as walk-in, a time of approximately 45-60 minutes is quoted for the testing process subject to a testing bay being available on arrival.

What happens when I bring my vehicle for Testing?

First, PAL Auto inspector will give your vehicle a brief visual inspection to make sure there are no conditions such as leaking gasoline that present an immediate danger to either the inspector or the general public. These conditions must be fixed before the inspection proceeds.

After passing the visual inspection, you then present your vehicle to the inspector for computerized Diagnosis and Testing. A vehicle must have an active registration and matching valid vehicle ID number (as issued by Dubai RTA) to get an inspection. After the inspector checks Drivers are then asked to exit the vehicle and remain in the waiting area while the inspector administers the safety and emissions tests procedures.

Note: If vehicle registration has lapsed for two years or more, the Roads and Transport Authority may decide to write off the car. This measure was introduced in October 2010 to ensure road users’ safety.
• For information on this measure from the RTA: Click here

PAL Auto Garage (PAL) established in the year 1995 is a professionally managed closely held company engaged in Automobile Repairs and Maintenance. Over the last 19 years PAL established itself as pioneers, trendsetters and market leaders in Auto Service Industry.
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